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The average life expectancy of first responders is 57 years of age. We believe this is unacceptable and are partnering with groups including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to remedy the situation. Our current LASD pilot program includes a fast track for deputies and cadets who are injured on the job so that they can receive an immediate and accurate diagnosis and begin treatment to return to health as quickly as possible. Planned projects will include injury prevention and health creation as well.

We are creating a safer Southern California. By providing Tactical Sports Medicine, Strength, and Conditioning to first responders and first responder applicants, we are preventing and treating injury, which reduces the workload on others, and leads to safer streets, longer careers, and longer lives. In its pilot, our TSM program aims to become a national program that services first responders all over the country. To grow our program and prove its validity, we are looking for those who want to help first responders as much as they help us.

Our mission, vision and goals are simple

Tactical Sports Medicine & Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSM/TSAC) is an integrated healthcare delivery system designed to address musculoskeletal injuries and organic disease in the first responder (tactical) population.

TSM/TSAC recognizes that the culture and work demands of first responders are unique. This population needs to bounce back from injury and health issues in a rapid and comprehensive way to ensure reduced losses due to downtime and poor care. Addressing inefficiencies of the occupational medicine model, which tend to be slower and treat all levels of work-related injuries in a similar manner, TSM/TSAC delivers a patient-centered approach created to improve accuracy of diagnosis, speed of care, and return to work using a sports medicine model.

We serve Firefighters, EMS, Rescue, Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian Support Teams.

first responder noun

first re·spond·er | \ -ri-`spän-dәr \

Definition of First Responder

: a person (such as a police officer or an EMT) who is among those responsible for going immediately to the scene of an accident or emergency to provide assistance

: any individual who runs toward an event rather than away.


Decrease worker’s compensation claims

Decrease injury rate among recruits

Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)

Decrease early retirement due to injury rates

Increase counseling appointments

Increase family surveys

Increase patient surveys

Increase fitness tests